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After advocating for changes, BCCA is pleased to announce that the BC Ministry of Agricultlure and On Farm Food Safety & Traceability Program (OFFST) administrators have agreed, for beef producers only, to expand the program eligibility criteria.  

See below for specific program changes for beef producers, and for full details visit the OFFST program website.

Note: The Program website with updated guide (re: eligibility requirements) and required supplemental application form with risk assessment and work plan template will be updated in January. To obtain a copy of the supplemental form in the meantime contact Annette Moore (see contact info below).


Eligibility for the FOOD SAFETY portion of the funding program is now extended to include producers "in good standing with a recognized commodity-specific On Farm Food Safety Program as of the date of application" - this means that all producers in good standing with the VBP+ program (have attended training or registered / completed an on-farm audit) are now eligible to apply for food safety funding (previously those already registered in VBP were ineligible).  Producers not yet participating in the VBP program are still eligible for application as well.  However, note that applicants must complete the training before the application is fully complet, and funding dollars are received.  training can be done in multiple ways.  Click here to learn more.


Clarification on eligible equipment include:

  • A neck extender is an eligible equipment purchase if:
    1.  it is purchased with a squeeze chute, OR;
    2. if it is purchased without a squeeze chute provided it is accompanied by written support from the equipment dealer indicating that it is compatible with an existing chute currently used by the producer;
  • a head gate is eligible if it required by the neck extender;
  • a squeeze chute or head gate are NOT ELIGIBLE on their own without a neck extender
  • Both feed AND animal weigh scales are eligible equipment purchases
  • (as before), RFID equipment is eligible

Next intake period for applications: January 1 to January 31 2017.


For more information see attached article or contact Annette Moore VBP+ Program Coordinator at [email protected]
or phone: toll free 1.866.398.2848 ext 2.