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BCCA Election 2016 - Ballots are in the mail!

Ballots are already in the mail fro BCCA's 2016 Election for Board of Directors and Standing Committees in the Central, Cariboo and Okanagan zones.  PLease be sure to mark your ballot and return to the BCCA office in time to be counted April 15, 2016.

Short biographies of each nominee have been included with the ballots - here are two that didn't make it into the mailout.


ED WIEBE – nominee Director, nominee Livestock Industry Protection Committee

My name is Ed Wiebe, I live in Prince George I have a cow calf operation that my wife and I and our daughter operate. I'm self employed as a farrier and I work as a brand inspector in my local area. I serve as a director for the Prince George Cattleman's Association. I was raised in Vanderhoof, so I haven't ventured too far from home. I have always been passionate about the cattle industry and would like to help where possible.  


CORDY COX – nominee Director, acclaimed Livestock Industry Protection Committee

My name is Cordy Cox. My partner Clint Ellis and I own and operate a 1000 cow/calf operation in the West Chilcotin; our ranches are situated in the Tatla Lake and Anahim Lake areas.  We also have a livestock brokerage business (Clint Ellis Cattle Co.). The cattle industry is our passion and we try to be involved in any way we can to continue to promote and cultivate the beef industry in Canada. I have served on both national and provincial purebred cattle association boards for a number of years, as well as my local & regional livestock associations, and as a beef committee member on a few fair boards. I believe in the future of this industry and would like to sit on the Livestock Protection Committee for that reason. In order to protect the beef industry, I feel that we need to promote and stay relevant and up to date on issues such as: traceability, working with the CFIA & CCIA, licensing and bonding of cattle brokers, highways fencing, mitigating and finding effective and sustainable ways to deal with wildlife/predator issues etc to name a few. I am nominated as a director, and I am happy for the opportunity to possibly represent producers from Zone 4.